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Sunday, October 12, 2014

If you're getting ready to vote absentee, here are a few tools that will help.  No lies, just truth!


Here is a link to the City of Escondido report on Prop H:


Here is a link to the actual initiative:


Be a responsible voter!  Don't listen to the "spin", just read the facts!


City Report on SITR Initiative: Wastewater Impacts

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As required by California Elections Code §9212, the City of Escondido has issued an independent report on SITR’s initiative. Here is what it concluded about the initiative’s wastewater impacts:

Wastewater Impacts

The City’s Wastewater Master Plan did not assume residential development associated with the SITR Initiative.  Based on an average of 200 gallons of daily wastewater generated by each of the 430 units proposed, it is anticipated that approximately 86,000 gallons of daily wastewater will be generated by project. (City of Escondido Elections Code Report page 36)

The report summarizes the history of the Country Club area, SITR’s involvement, and the impacts SITR’s proposed development would have on the community.

The entire 36-page report can be viewed online here:  City of Escondido Elections Code Report

Please forward this message to other concerned Escondido Voters.


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