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A few messages from ECCHO

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mayor Abed’s Town Hall Meeting

Date:                Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Start Time:       4:00 PM

End Time:        5:00 PM


Council Chambers

201 North Broadway
Escondido, CA 92025-2798

Unlike the regular City Council meetings where Mayor Abed and other members of the council cannot answer questions, during a town hall the Mayor will respond to all questions asked of him.  Let’s get out to this event and ask the Mayor where he stands on the proposed, “The Villages” development currently being processed in the City. Will he support what the majority of people in ECC want?  Let’s tell him that 392 houses are too many!   See you at the town hall.

ECCHO wants to see a reasonable, responsible project that preserves the benefit of open space.



You’ve seen the handful of signs in our neighborhood from a group called ROCC – Restore Our Country Club.  They are supporting the proposal of 392 houses being crammed into our neighborhood.



ECCHO Public Statement

Thursday, April 13, 2017

ECCHO Public Statement

Supporters of New Urban West and Michael Schlesinger claim that ECCHO wants nothing but a golf course on the Country Club site. That claim is a falsehood. The lie is intended to make the community appear stubborn in pursuit of an inflexible demand. The opposite is true.

Certainly, ECCHO regrets the loss of the golf course as an open space asset. And, it's true that ECCHO opposes the dreadful specter of 392 houses being crammed into the neighborhood. But ECCHO's opposition is not based upon a demand for an 18-hole golf course. ECCHO simply wants to see a reasonable, responsible project that preserves the benefit of some open space. In fact, ECCHO paid for an initial study that suggested the housing density had to be capped at 158 units. Completion of that study by residents in the area suggested a cap of 137 units.

ECCHO's purpose is not to revive the original golf course. Rather, its goal is to promote the preservation of open space and recreational assets in a project that will enhance the neighborhood.

Mike Slater,
ECCHO President



Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The ECCHO Board has completed a review of the responses to New Urban West’s (NUW) Open House held July 16 and 17.  We received over 100 emails from community members. NUW collected over 400 comment cards.   Both groups redacted name, address, and other personal information, then exchanged the commentary on August 7.  As explained below, the biggest message we drew from our analysis is that the community needs more information from NUW before it can decide on any development proposal in the neighborhood.


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