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ECCHO Public Statement

Thursday, April 13, 2017

ECCHO Public Statement

Supporters of New Urban West and Michael Schlesinger claim that ECCHO wants nothing but a golf course on the Country Club site. That claim is a falsehood. The lie is intended to make the community appear stubborn in pursuit of an inflexible demand. The opposite is true.

Certainly, ECCHO regrets the loss of the golf course as an open space asset. And, it's true that ECCHO opposes the dreadful specter of 392 houses being crammed into the neighborhood. But ECCHO's opposition is not based upon a demand for an 18-hole golf course. ECCHO simply wants to see a reasonable, responsible project that preserves the benefit of some open space. In fact, ECCHO paid for an initial study that suggested the housing density had to be capped at 158 units. Completion of that study by residents in the area suggested a cap of 137 units.

ECCHO's purpose is not to revive the original golf course. Rather, its goal is to promote the preservation of open space and recreational assets in a project that will enhance the neighborhood.

Mike Slater,
ECCHO President


Voting tools and documentation

Sunday, October 12, 2014

If you're getting ready to vote absentee, here are a few tools that will help.  No lies, just truth!


Here is a link to the City of Escondido report on Prop H:



Here is a link to the actual initiative:



Be a responsible voter!  Don't listen to the "spin", just read the facts!


City Report on SITR Initiative: Water Quality and Hydro-Modification Impacts

Thursday, August 14, 2014

As required by California Elections Code §9212, the City of Escondido has issued an independent report on SITR’s initiative. Here is what it concluded about the initiative’s water quality and hydro-modification impacts:

Water Quality and Hydro-Modification Impacts

The project proposed by the SITR Initiative drains to San Marcos Creek which discharges into Lake San Marcos and ultimately into Batiquitos Lagoon.  San Marcos Creek is listed as impaired for DDE,145 phosphorous, selenium and sediment toxicity. Lake San Marcos is listed as impaired for Ammonia as N and Nutrients.  Because a Water Quality Technical Report has not been provided by the project proponent, the effectiveness of the proposed detention ponds to treat or retain pollutants in the water cannot be confirmed. (City of Escondido Elections Code Report page 34)

The report summarizes the history of the Country Club area, SITR’s involvement, and the impacts SITR’s proposed development would have on the community.

The entire 36-page report can be viewed online here:  City of Escondido Elections Code Report

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