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Come and join ECCHO and Friends for an afternoon of Wine Tasting and Fun at Belle Marie Winery.

WHO: ECCHO Board of Directors invites You
WHAT: A Fund Raiser for ECCHO (Donation is $100.00 per person). Wine tasting of three different wines and your 4th is a full glass of your favorite. Belle Marie wine glass is included in the fun. Light refreshments & non-alcohol drinks will be provided.
Also join us in a fun raffle to win some exciting prizes. Raffle tickets 6 for $10 13 for $20.00
WHEN: Sunday, September 24th, 2p.m. to 4p.m.
WHERE: Cask Room, Belle Marie Winery, 26312 Mesa Rock Road, Escondido, CA 92026

Send email to RSVP with number attending to ECCHO.info@gmail.com

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Mike Slater
ECCHO President

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Let's set the record straight!
August 12, 2017

NUWI/ROCC has been stating over and over again how the crime rate has increased in the ECC neighborhood since the closure of the course and how the massive housing development of 392 homes will solve all the crime problems.

To address these claims, the ECCHO Board requested a crime analysis from the Escondido Police Department for the last three years, beginning August 1, 2014, and ending July 31, 2017. This analysis shows the overall crime rate in the ECC community has gone down. Incidents of Vehicle Burglary, Residential Burglary and Vandalism (includes graffiti and malicious property damage) have gone down, the latter by 50%---from 8 vandalism incidents in 2014/2015 to 4 incidents in 2016/2017. There were no Vehicle Thefts during the past year, down from two (2) during the 2014-2015 year.

The only real change has been in the Theft from Vehicle category. Those incidents rose from 15 to 23 during the last 12-month period---all reported thefts were from cars/trucks that were unlocked. Who leaves a car unlocked overnight? These were crimes of opportunity.

Our community is not crime-ridden and residents should not be intimated by the media-seeking headlines. Our Police Department is writing citations for the few skateboarders who are trespassing and using the abandoned pool as a skateboard park. If you recognize your neighbor's children, tell your neighbors. The majority of these teenagers/young adults are locals.

To track the crime statistics for yourself visit the following crime mapping websites:
- Myneighborhoodupdate.net
- ARJIS.org

Please help us continue to keep our neighborhood safe for all. If you see something suspicious, call the Police Department and report it.

Your ECCHO Board

August 9, 2017

Not since Prop H days, has ECCHO needed your financial support as much as we need it now.
Some ECCHO supporters have committed to match 25% for each dollar contributed from now
through 9/9/17. For example: $1000 donation will be $1250 - a $500 donation will become $625 - a $100 donation will become $125. Help ECCHO to oppose NUWI's proposed The Villages development of 392 dwellings. Please - mail your check or click on the link provided to donate with your credit card or Pay Pal account.

We still have more WE SUPPORT ECCHO yard signs. Email ECCHO.Info@gmail to order yours today. We deliver too!

ECCHO HIGHLIGHTS - Meeting at the Life Church
July 25, 2017

Approximately 300 plus people filled The Life Church for this meeting including many of the news media.

President Mike Slater opened the meeting and announced Connie Smeyres has resigned from the Board as our IT expert, email and website administrator. Connie diligently served from day one though June. Pat Hunter agreed to become Secretary and is handling email, Facebook and website coordination with host.

Please visit our updated website: www.EscondidoHomeowners.org. Scroll around and open all links. Be sure ECCHO has your email address so you can get all our updates. We are gathering names and addresses for anyone who needs to receive our updates via U. S. Mail.

Treasurer, Jack Hall told the ECCHO members we need their support in responding to the draft EIR. We will be engaging experts, including a land use and environmental law attorney and other professionals to assist us. This will require that we raise a substantial amount of funding. We haven’t needed to do much fundraising over the last 2 1/2 years since we defeated Prop H. But now we estimate we will need to raise $75 to $90K in the next few months. Although that’s a significant number it is not as much as we raised in either 2013 or 2014 when we passed the Citizens’ Initiative and stopped Prop H.

We are launching a “matching” campaign for 45 days, beginning today (July 25) through September 8. Every dollar received will be matched by a 25% donation from a group of ECCHO supporters. That means your donation of $200 gets $250 for ECCHO, $500 become $625, etc, etc. Also the updated ECCHO website now includes a PayPal option, allowing you to use your credit card to donate. So, checks, cash and credit card are all available sources for your contribution.

Kathie Taylor, Director of Events & Fundraising told the group she is working on future fundraising events. On Sunday, 9/24/17 from 2 to 4 there will be a wine tasting at Belle Marie. Donation of $100 includes wine, cheese, fun and raffles.

Mike Slater announced ECCHO has retained new land-use attorney: Delano & Delano because Ken Lounsbery is unable to continue to represent us.

Mike’s in-depth presentation: FACT CHECKING NUWI’s FAKE NEWS:

  • ECCHO has compromised from golf only to a reasonable and responsible development at R-1-7 zoning (7000 sqft minimum lots)
  • If this plan is rejected, a new plan will be proposed that would call for more houses. Nonsense. The city was forced by an incompetent judge to allow SOME density and that is all – not 392 not 600 but SOME
  • NUWI will reinvigorate the long-suffering community because the property has fallen into disrepair – well obviously the owner has done nothing but totally ignore the whole property.
  • NUWI will increase our property values with their proposed amenities – there will be no public parks – NUWI has long standing reputation of making promises it cannot keep.
  • NUWI spent more than a year meeting and listening to us – their proposal is nothing like what they discussed with us.
  • NUWI & supporters claim increased crime by homeless, vagrants, drug dealers & gangs – The Police Chief said he is not aware of increased crime in our area other than some graffiti and citing skateboarders using empty pool & tennis courts
  • ECCHO doesn’t have a plan – We are against changing the zoning. There have been two alternate plans submitted as reported in the draft EIR.

It is up to the majority of our community to make the decision as to what is a “reasonable and responsible” project that we will accept.

It is essential each ECCHO supporter write / email the Mayor and City Council members telling them 392 dwelling units is too many – keep the existing zoning in accordance with the 2012 General Plan.

We may not have the financial resources of NUWI, but we have something else. We live in this community and WE VOTE! The owner and NUWI do NOT live in our community nor can they vote here.

We urge you to read the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that is out for review by the City Planning Division. Deadline for written comments is 8/11/17. Reading the Summary will give you a good overview. Also read those sections that are your “hot buttons” i.e. Traffic, Aesthetics, Biology, etc.



1. TO: Mayor Sam Abed (sabed@escondido.org), and Council Members: John Masson (jmasson@escondido.org), Olga Diaz (odiaz@esconidido.org), Ed Gallo (egallo@escondido.org), Mike Morasco (mmorasco@escondido.org)

Subject: R-1-7 Zoning per 2012 General Plan: We are against a zoning change on the ECC property. The 2012 General Plan designated ECC property as R-1-7 zoning. The owner bought the land knowing this. It is not our community responsibility to accommodate the owner, developer and builder’s opportunity to maximize their profits.

2. TO: Address to all above plus City Planning Division: Mike Strong (mstrong@escondido.org) and Kristen Blackson (kblackson@escondido.org)

Subject: Draft EIR:
Write in your own words your objections to the proposed Developers mitigations to remedy the problems caused by building 392 dwellings on the ECC property. Significant Effects include: Traffic, Biological Resources (Animals, Plants, Trees), Air Quality, Green House Gases, Flood Plains and Drainage, Noise and Aesthetics .
example: Traffic - Our streets were not designed to add approximately 800 vehicles from new residents. The proposed traffic increase would require expansions on the already traffic-burdened El Norte/I-15 southbound on ramp, though the developer is unsure a construction project would be allowed. Commuters are currently dashing through our streets in order to avoid the I-15 / 78 interchange which is a serious safety concern.
example: Aesthetics – All 2 story detached and attached dwellings on lots averaging less than ½ of designated zoning is not compatible. The tightly packed 2 story houses can be 25 to 30 foot high structures after grading. That is the same as building a giant wall to replace the former open space.
example: Noise & Air Quality - Construction will take years. The noise and dust will eliminate our quiet enjoyment of living in our homes. Most area residents are seniors who are more sensitive to reduced air quality and pollution. Add your name, address and e-mail to bottom of letter.

To send via US Mail: Escondido City Hall, Planning Division, 201 North Broadway, Escondido CA 92025

Read the Draft Environmental Impact Report at www.escondido.org/ecc-deir.aspx
July 7, 2017

What's your Hot Button issue? Traffic, Density, Air Quality, etc.? Read that section first - then make your comments to all the City Council Members & Planning Department's outside contract Planner Kristen Blackson.

Tell them why you do not accept the EIR as written & why you think 392 dwellings are way too many to build on the old Escondido Country Club property! We have until August 11, 2017 to give written notice to the city council and planning department. We cannot wait until the last minute - we must be proactive today and everyday until the City Council makes it's final ruling on NUWI's development plan.

sabed@escondido.org, odiaz@escondido.org, egallo@escondido.org,
jmasson@escondido.org, mmorasco@escondido.org, kblackson@escondido.org

Click to send your message!

The Impact on Property Values
June 10, 2017

Since the property owner acquired the former ECC property, closed the club and shut off all water to 109 acres, our property values have suffered the consequences. The deteriorated condition of former Escondido Country Club buildings, amenities and fairways has severely impacted appreciation of our property values. The overall area of Northwest Escondido and adjacent San Marcos are experiencing a steady increase in property values while our values have not kept pace and remain stagnant.

Local real experts state there may be further appreciation restriction, if the current developer hired by the property owner is successful in their plan to rezone the land from R-1-7 to a Specific Plan to build 392 two-storied dwelling units on extremely small lots. Historically, high dense areas with heavy traffic restricting commuter routes experience negative impact on area desirability and property values.

A Message from ECCHO
June 10, 2017

Dear ECCHO Supporters,

I would like to pass along some information that I received from a community leader in Camarillo which is north of LA.

The 180 acre Camarillo Springs golf course property was bought by a Beverly Hills-based attorney and real estate developer who has hired New Urban West Inc.(NUWI), the Santa Monica Developer.

The community leader was inquiring about NUWI actions and what they were telling the Escondido Country Club Community. It appears that they are saying and doing the same thing in each community.

NUWI is trying to divide their community with a group who support their plans mainly because NUWI is making familiar promises and those who oppose the community leader's group and who are against a massive housing development. According to the Camirillo Acorn paper, NUWI is trying to do a general plan amendment that was originally denied by the council in January, 2017.

NUWI is holding meetings with small groups and apparently are indicating that they will seriously look at a 9 hole golf course, the new houses will be 50' - 100' away from existing houses, there will be a club house with amenities, the new houses will be one story and will not block existing views. Doesn't that all sound familiar. NUWI is trying to divide and conquer both in Camarillo, Escondido and most likely elsewhere.

I found it so eerily similar that NUWI and the property owners are trying to Bully and Intimidate other communities in the same way they are doing it in the Escondido Country Club community. They are working together to destroy communities with massive housing projects with a total disregard to the communities where they purchase the properties.

I know there are some in the Escondido Country Club Community who support NUWI but they have to ask themselves "Does NUWI really care about our community?"

ECCHO simply wants to see a reasonable, responsible project that preserves the benefit of some open space and enhances our community.

Mike Slater
ECCHO President

p.s. - For ECCHO yard signs, please send a request to the above email address.



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