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What's your Hot Button issue?
Traffic, Density, Air Quality, etc.? Tell them why you do not accept the EIR as written & why you think 392 dwellings are way too many to build on the old Escondido Country Club property!

We cannot wait until the last minute - we must be proactive today and everyday until the City Council makes it's final ruling on NUWI's development plan.

Please continue to write all 5 City Council Members, however, no reason to include the Planning Division since the DEIR review period has ended.


Dear City Council...

Send a message to your City Council members and the Escondido Planning Division members and tell them what you think!

We have a submit form all ready for your message. Your message will automatically go to all five City Council members & the Escondido Planning Division.

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"I am a resident of the Escondido Country Club neighborhood and I AM AGAINST the proposed development of 392 dwelling units on the ECC property. The high density of two storied houses crammed onto tiny lots is offensive to me. The increase in traffic and noise will be intolerable. Our side streets will become even busier alternate routes for commuters avoiding the I-15 / 78 interchange. I am concerned about the air quality as well as demand on public services. The promise of public use of open space is not believable because the new residents will control the HOA- why would they choose to pay for the public's use and wear and tear?

However, mostly my biggest objections is:
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