What ECCHO Is Doing

ECCHO’s first action was an offer to keep ECC open through a purchase, lease, or joint venture.

Stuck In The Rough expressed absolutely no interest in these offers.

Political and legal consultants engaged by ECCHO drafted a Petition Initiative to enable Escondido voters to determine whether the country club green space should be preserved.  ECCHO’s Petition Initiative was filed with the City of Escondido.

ECCHO gathered the needed signatures for our petition initiative to be considered by Escondido City Council.  The initiative was called Citizens' Property Rights Initiative (CPR).  (For more information on CPR, please see CPR in the main menu on the left.)


On June 25, 2014, SITR gathered enough signatures (through lies and deception) to place an initiative on the ballot that would overturn the CPR initiative called "The Lakes Specific Plan".  City Council ordered a report to investigate the initiative.  As expected, the objective and unbiased report delivered to City Council provided many reasons why this is not a good idea for Escondido.  To read the report for yourself, CLICK HERE.

Now Escondido knows the facts!  The lies told by SITR and their many paid consultants have now been revealed.  Join your Escondido neighbors and VOTE NO on "The Lakes Specific Plan" on November 4th.  Because this can/will happen in YOUR neighborhood next!