Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The ECCHO Board has completed a review of the responses to New Urban West’s (NUW) Open House held July 16 and 17.  We received over 100 emails from community members. NUW collected over 400 comment cards.   Both groups redacted name, address, and other personal information, then exchanged the commentary on August 7.  As explained below, the biggest message we drew from our analysis is that the community needs more information from NUW before it can decide on any development proposal in the neighborhood.

NUW presented a number of placards and posters highlighting various amenities that might be incorporated into a housing development, and then asked two questions - “Are we on the right track?” and “Are you willing to pay an assessment for the proposed amenities?”  The options were “Yes”, “No”, or “Not Sure”.  About 60% checked “Yes” for the first question, but there was limited support (about 38%) for the second proposal. 

The comments submitted to ECCHO were over 60% opposed to the amenities being proposed by NUW.  The most common theme was dissatisfaction with the lack of any golf amenity in the plan.   ALL GROUPS responding to both ECCHO and NUW, whether pro, con, or unsure, were adamant that more information was necessary before final decisions could be made.

Several concerns were voiced throughout the comment process, regardless of where the comments came from. The number and type of dwelling(s) was the number one question of respondents.  The amount and structure of any assessment was also an issue.  Even those who commented on the assessment (less than half of those who submitted cards) indicated that they would not be supportive of an annual assessment in excess of $750.

Another significant issue for all respondents was the traffic situation on Gary, Nutmeg, and Country Club Lane.  Access to I-15 was also a prominent concern in this regard.  There appears to be increasing interest in the availability and access to schools in the area.

ECCHO urges NUW to provide the community with specific plans in a timely manner so home owners can assess the future impacts on their life style.  Further, ECCHO encourages all residents to continue to speak out on their concerns, issues, and preferences.  ECCHO, NUW, and the City of Escondido all need to hear from the community.  

ECCHO Board of Directors

ECCHO Mission: 
“Our mission is to preserve the existing green belt, expand recreational opportunities for the community, and protect the values of all homes in the Country Club area.”