City Report on SITR Initiative: Open Space Impacts

Monday, August 4, 2014

City Report on SITR Initiative: Open Space Impacts

As required by California Elections Code §9212, the City of Escondido has issued an independent report on SITR’s initiative. Here is what it concluded about the initiative’s open space impacts:

Open Space Impacts – 

The 110-acre golf course and recreational facilities included within the Country Club Property represent the largest block of open space in northwestern Escondido. The development of residential units as proposed in SITR Initiative would reduce approximately 110 acres of designated open space to 27.2 acres (which includes buffer areas in and around the development not devoted to parks), constituting a 75% reduction. The open space featured in the Country Club Property would largely be replaced by housing, eliminating viewsheds and the visual respite the open space and green areas provided to the surrounding residents.  (City of Escondido Elections Code Report page 31)

The report summarizes the history of the Country Club area, SITR’s involvement, and the impacts SITR’s proposed development would have on the community.

The entire 36-page report can be viewed online here:  City of Escondido Elections Code Report

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