City Report on SITR Initiative: Financial Impact

Saturday, August 2, 2014

As required by California Elections Code §9212, the City of Escondido has issued an independent report on SITR’s initiative. Here is what it concluded about the initiative’s financial impact:

Financial Impact – Maintenance and Operations Costs

The $1M contribution proposed by the SITR Initiative does not appear to be intended or available for ongoing maintenance and operations (M&O) costs, nor has any specific funding mechanism or endowment been proposed for the ongoing M&O. Information from the City of Carlsbad, who maintains both 25-meter and 50-meter swimming pools indicated that the maintenance and operation costs (including staffing) for their Olympic pool exceeds $500,000 annually.  (City of Escondido Elections Code Report page 30-31)

The report summarizes the history of the Country Club area, SITR’s involvement, and the impacts SITR’s proposed development would have on the community.

The entire 36-page report can be viewed online here:  City of Escondido Elections Code Report
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