City Report on SITR Initiative: Drainage Impacts

Monday, August 11, 2014

As required by California Elections Code §9212, the City of Escondido has issued an independent report on SITR’s initiative. Here is what it concluded about the initiative’s drainage impacts:

Drainage Impacts.

Large portions of the proposed specific plan area proposed by the SITR Initiative are within FEMA mapped 100-year floodplain areas that convey drainage from both on and offsite areas. Page C-40 of “The Lakes Specific Plan” proposed by the SITR Initiative states that “Stormwater runoff will increase with planned development of the SPA.” The SPA further states that detention ponds will be used “at major discharge points to reduce peak developed condition runoff to levels approaching pre-development condition peak flows.” These statements indicate that the project’s drainage impacts may not be fully mitigated and that mitigation may not be implemented at all discharge points.  It is expected that without full mitigation increases in storm water runoff draining to systems with inadequate capacity would increase the potential for flooding of the surrounding areas.(City of Escondido Elections Code Report page 33-34)

The report summarizes the history of the Country Club area, SITR’s involvement, and the impacts SITR’s proposed development would have on the community.

The entire 36-page report can be viewed online here:  City of Escondido Elections Code Report
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