Our Mission

“Our mission is to preserve the existing green belt, expand recreational opportunities for the community, and protect the values of all homes in the Country Club area.”

About Us

In 2013, The Escondido Country Club Homeowners Organization (ECCHO) formed a non-profit community organization by neighborhood homeowners, Escondido Country Club members and concerned citizens who continue to volunteer their time and money to preserve the green space and quality of life in Northwest Escondido.

In 2013, The ECCHO community was successful in having the City Council unanimously pass our Citizen's Initiative (5 to 0) to have this land designated permanent open space. In the November 2014 Citywide election, ECCHO spearheaded the successful defeat of Proposition H by over 61%. Proposition H would have allowed 430 dwelling units had it been approved.

Currently, ECCHO opposes the developer's proposed zoning change that would allow cramming 392 dwelling units into our neighborhood. The city of Escondido was forced by a court ruling to allow some density and that's all.

ECCHO wants to see a reasonable, responsible project that preserves the benefit of open space and blends into our neighborhood. In fact, ECCHO did an initial study that suggests the housing density, at the current R-1-7 zoning, be capped at 158 lots while preserving open space.



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